Wellington Balloonfest

Mother Nature is a very nasty lady. For the second year in a row, she crushed the Wellington Balloonfest. This was the 4th, and it actually got to open. Last year’s was canceled due to bad weather. While most of the area saw clear blue skies and very high temps, the Fairgrounds actually saw a cloudburst for 15 minutes. The downpour was so heavy and the raindrops so large, the owner of one of the food booths said the drops looked white, and it looked like hail coming down.

Because of the weather, a number of balloon owners were contacted enroute to the Fairgrounds from the Columbus area and told not to make the trip. Seven balloon teams made it to the grounds, but the Re/Max balloon was the only one that was inflated and giving tether rides.

There was musical entertainment, as well as food booths, and games for adults and children.

A very long line for tether rides.


One thought on “Wellington Balloonfest

  1. Oh how disappointing – such a shame there were no raindrops here which means I am watering over at Settlers’ Watch again today …..amazing all those people in line for a balloon ride ( tethered and all) better luck next year.

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