Pride Is Blooming

I wasn’t able to get to Settlers’ Watch on Pride Day the way I usually do, because I was taking care of my property turning it into something I can be proud of. Kristen and her friends planned a meet-up at Lakeview Park Saturday night, so I drove down to the Watch and looked around. Wow!! Nice job to all involved with the clean-up.  I walked around taking pics (this’ll be a long one!!) because all the flowers were just gorgeous. I watched another couple walk and look around in absolute wonder as they took in everything that was the Watch. Freshly mulched flowerbeds, expertly cut carvings, and a pleasant evening to be outside. Another gentleman in his 20’s with an Eric Barnes tattoo on his arm relaxed on the bench in front of the Eagle, and we talked about the City and how Lorain will always be home.



8 thoughts on “Pride Is Blooming

  1. Thanks Mark we had a great deal of help and especially the Century Link folks who came through once again it does look lovely .. everyone worked very hard to be done in time for the trolley………. Cheers Loraine

  2. Ok been a bit lax with the clues at Settlers’ Watch so here two in one

    A tale of two vines

    this one could literally blow its own horn


    the fruit of which fills the gap of women and song

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