PhotoPhun Challenge: Unusual View

Chuck called this one a few weeks ago, giving us all a headstart on today’s challenge. I can’t find where I posted what Lisa said Chuck said, but I started looking everywhere for things I wouldn’t normally shoot, or something that would be downright odd if photographed. Hope what I got fits the bill for Chuck’s challenge. Make sure to see what Lisa and Chuck (he better have something!!) and Ree got.

Caught this guy in the flower beds last week.

Thought a close-up of this key was interesting.

Dill pickles over bread and butter pickles.

 Gotta have popcorn to go with a movie or the latest “House” episode.

Macro of the ceiling texture.

Lady’s one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever had for a pet, but she was driving me crazy while I tried to get this pic. Must’ve taken me 10 shots and 12 treats for her so that I could get this.

One of the baseball trophies my kids earned.

So, that’s what I got. Not sure who’s up next to call one. I thought? someone may have suggested a challenge but I’ve been busy this past week and can’t remember. We’ve also gotta get Loraine to put into the words the theme she mentioned a few weeks ago, that would take part of the summer to do.


6 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Unusual View

  1. You know how I feel about ceiling textures! And, please tell me the secret to taking pictures of your cat! I have snapped a few good ones of Penelope but I just can’t get Benny to stay still for two seconds to snap a picture! What’s up with that!

    Great pictures!!

  2. I think the pickle shot is my favorite this week. There’s just something about it…maybe it’s the juice? 🙂 Good job on everything, esp the cat’s eye. We’ll have something up later.

    Loraine – Are we accumulating pictures and posting at the end of the season or do you want us to post the results of your clue next week?

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