To The Backyard

My wife has an incredible green thumb, able to resurrect plants that had one root in the compost heap from relatives, and bring them back, flourishing and flowering, and a beautiful lush green. If I could remember to water them, I was doing good. That was then. Now, since my kids and I redid the flower bed in the front, and Mary and I split up and repositioned a lot of the perennials, I’ve been weeding and adding new plants and species and the beds look great. I can go to the yard now for pictures to try out a new lens, find a subject to try a new technique on, or if I’m wanting for a new post, get some shots of our flora. That’s where I went for the shots that follow.

Pink hyacinth

Purple lilac

Dandelion (we DON’T cultivate these!!)


Yellow Tulip

Locust Tree Leaf Bud

Type of Daffodil


4 thoughts on “To The Backyard

  1. Ok, that is the BEST dandelion I have ever seen!

    Um, if you guys are bored, c’mon over! My flower beds could use some love and some color. I’ll provide my own dandelions AND the beer!!

  2. My aunt used to make dandelion wine and also hedgerow wine – of course you have to be careful now because of all the chemicals but I really liked her dandelion wine ..

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