April Showers….

Yea, yea. We are SO familiar with that phrase, that we’re drowning in it. The streets are flooded with it. With the amount of April showers we’re getting, those May flowers are gonna be taller than the treetops. I took these on my way home from work Monday night. Wow.

In front of “Holy Tony’s”

Watching the rain on the tonneau cover of the truck

A raindrop ‘splash’ frozen in time

Had to catch one more

The splash falling back


5 thoughts on “April Showers….

  1. well I have heard of it raining cats and dogs but for some reason I had worms very tiny ones in the middle of the rain drops landing on my on my front window….. I am hoping not to see that again it was grosss as they slithered down the window pain…… – I am hoping they came from the window boxes on our 2nd story and were flooded out……but with the water situation you never know 😉

  2. Thanks, I’m really liking it. And yes, just a little bit. I’ve gotta get some stuff to do, though. I don’t want to recycle anything if I don’t have to.

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