PhotoPhun Challenge: Signs of Spring

One of the few challenges that I picked that didn’t take long to come up with an idea: Signs of Spring. T’is the season, right? It’s been rainin’ so much you almost expected to see Noah around the corner. Flowers are blooming, the birds are singing as early as 5:30 in the morning, and the grass looks really green. For now. So, getting pics shouldn’t be too difficult. Lisa and Ree should have some really good shots, so be sure to check them out!! Chuck has called “Unusual Views” for May 8th, 2 weeks from today. I asked Lisa to explain a little bit, and she posted:What I get out of talking to him about it is “unusual views of things you see everyday”.

Pussy willows that were passed out on Palm Sunday before Liturgy.

One of the flowers blooming in the garden next to the garage. Will have to ask Mar about this.

Pink hydrangeas on the altar at St. Nicholas’ last night after the Resurrection Liturgy.

Yellow mums next to the hydrangeas.

One of my squirrels. I thought he’d enjoy some whole wheat bread with his roasted peanuts, and he did!!


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