PhotoPhun Challenge: Free-For-All

I drew a blank, I’ll admit it. My brain has been fried the last few weeks, between working nights and coordinating where Mike and Kristen are with baseball/softball practice and times. Except for the challenges on Sunday, I haven’t had a chance to do diddly. So, since it was warm on Friday, and Kristen got dropped off at Clearview for a 3-game tournament with the Varsity Softball team in Cincinnati, Mike had practice that afternoon, Mar was at the college, I was taking some time for myself and to shoot something. It’d been way too long. And I thought I’d do some extra for this post, to try and make up.

I started down at Hot Waters, wanting to do an HDR of the Lighthouse. Not wanting to shoot from the lot immediately west of the launch, I noticed the railing across the water west of the lot. Walking over to look, it didn’t look all that pedestrian-friendly, but if I let everything like that dictate where I shoot, I’ll take some boring photos. I started walking, carefully, pushing the brush out of the way, and watching where I stepped.  As I got about halfway, a gander in the water started honking at me. Wondering what his problem was, I just kept on. A few more steps revealed a goose, sitting close to the rail. Two steps even closer revealed the nest she just stood up from, and brought Daddy up from the water. I stopped walking and weighed my options. There wasn’t a lot of room to sidestep the nest, and they definitely weren’t going to fly away if I came closer. That’s when Daddy decided he needed to protect his unborn babies. Knowing he might come at me, I had my right hand on the top of my tripod. Daddy ran at me, waving his wings, and launched himself into the air at me, honking loudly. Swinging the tripod around, I snapped it, spreading the legs wide, and caught Daddy in mid-flight, and directed him over the water where he glided back down, still honking at me. Bent, he flew back up, and continued the chorus with his Mrs.

Since they were raising a huge ruckus, and I didn’t want folks thinkin’ I was hurting them, I turned around and went back, planning on coming back when the babies were hatched and gone.

After the Lighthouse, I cruised around downtown, more or less looking for some places that are considered landmarks in the City. I did’em all up, HDR-style, for something different. Hope you enjoy!

Make sure to see what tickled Lisa’s and Ree’s and Jim’s fancies this past week! And whoever’s up next for pickin’ the Challenge, let me know ’cause I lost track. Again.



9 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Free-For-All

  1. Dang, those geese scared the crap out of me and I wasn’t even there! The old weathered sea captain carving always gives me chills. I love that guy!

    I think it’s my turn this week. I’ll have to work on that a bit and get back to you!

    As always, a great job!

  2. Mark,
    Thanks for including the Moore House Museum in your group. We appreciate the great photos, but it is too bad that the recycles hadn’t been picked up yet. We still haven’t gotten that ladmark brochure printed , just waiting on Comm Dev.

  3. Thanks, Ree.

    Carolyn, I didn’t “see” the bag until I was processing the pics. Next chance I get I’ll come by and redo the shot minus the blue bag, and I’ll replace this one.

    If the weather holds up Loraine, I may come by this week and pick up some garbage, since I usually seem to be working when the cleanups are scheduled.

  4. Ok, my turn to pick the challenge. Don’t ask me why, but I’m going with NUMBERS!

    Happy picture taking!!!

    And, Loraine, I’d be more than happy to help out. Please let me know!

  5. I always enjoy what you do with your HDR.
    It makes your subjects look so vibrant.
    And I don’t know if the one shot was accidental or on purpose, but thank you either way ♥

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