PhotoPhun Challenge: Video

I think all digital cameras now come with some sort of video capability now. I bought the one I have because it’s video capability was better than others on the market. For a while I was shooting a lot of video, covering school board meetings, Bloggapalooza, ceremonies here and there, so the need was there. For this week’s challenge, I figgered, Why not? I just didn’t realize that it was gonna be the pain in the backside that it turned into, both for me and Lisa. I don’t know if Ree had issues, but make sure you check’em both out.

I thought for a few days about the different things I could do with this video challenge, and none of them really tickled my fancy. I was off, had time to do whatever I came up with, but just drew a blank. Until Wednesday. I had roasted a turkey Monday night for Tuesday’s dinner, and the following afternoon made redskin mashed potatoes. No, I didn’t put the camera in the oven. C’mon!! So, I’m planning on serving turkey and taters one more night and it occurs to me I can do a little something with that. But the special effect I was planning required a number of hours putzing around the internet to find a program that would do what I wanted. The program I had didn’t work anymore, and all the links I found took me to the same web page, and THAT program didn’t work either. Once I found a program, while it was doin’ it’s thing, it stopped and posted a message to my screen that I was out of hard drive space. What??!! I got 40 gigs of space!! Not anymore. Converting the video one way turned it into a 29 gigabyte Frankenstein. And then working it into the final product took another 11 gigs and it stopped. Well, nuts.

I go through my hard drive, deleting stuff I haven’t used in a while, or will never use or don’t need anymore and free up maybe 4 gigs. Yippee. So I delete all the video stuff that’s been converted, shrink the original video and then start converting it. Much better. Aren’t you glad you asked?

So, without further ado, here it is:

Am I thrilled with it? Ehhhhh, it’s ok. Turning the saute pan around took things out of focus a bit. I could have trimmed a little more time off of it. And stop laughing about my gravy!! A little too much roux to thicken it, but it still tasted great!

That’s my contribution, I hope you enjoyed it. Not sure who’s turn it is next week, I’m thinkin’ it’s Lisa’s but I could be wrong. Feel free to throw out an idea or something that you’d like to see!!


7 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Video

  1. Um, COOL! EWW! and LOL! 😀

    Hey man, WMM will let you mute that audio, y’know. 😉

    Chuck wants to know if the glob of goo came out of a can or jar. That’s a real stand up roux!

  2. Sorry about the audio. I keep the volume turned off on my laptop, and thought the audio track was turned off just through all the conversions. Getting the silent version uploaded now.

    And tell Chuck, no, that’s my gravy. I just added too much roux, first time I used one in a looong time. Usually use cornstarch, and I just kept adding it until ’til it thickened enough (for what I consider a good consistency). Obviously, too much.

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