PhotoPhun Challenge: Fun

No time for fun this week. Not normal fun, anyway. I worked nights, and was busy this weekend. There was a meeting at St. Nick’s this morning, which gave me the opportunity to shoot the icons on the icon screen, with the Christmas decorations removed. Since I spent part of my birthday doing the original shoot, you can see that I get some of my thrills in weird places. Lisa and Ree probably had some ‘real’ fun this week, so make sure you check’em out!!

The story behind this icon is as follows:


Our Mother of Perpetual Help is one of a class of icons which illustrates the sufferings of Our Lady and that of her Son. The angels are holding instruments of the Passion. They have their hands covered with a protecting veil as a sign of reverence in handling sacred objects. The Eastern rite of the Armenians has the deacon covering his hand with a silken veil when he carries the gospel book. And the priest in the Roman Rite during Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament covers his hands with the humeral veil when blessing the people with the monstrance.

The Child Jesus is pictured with an adult face. He has a high brow which shows his divine mind of unlimited intelligence. He knew as God that the angelic apparition was prophetic of His future passion. In His human nature, he runs, as any child, to his mother for protection.

Our Lady quickly picks Him up and holds Him tight, indicated by the child’s right foot uneasily coiled about the left ankle. Also, the right sandal has become loosened, hanging by a single strap. The Child Jesus is clasping His Mother’s right hand and holding tightly her thumb.


2 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Fun

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  2. Next challenge: triangles

    I always enjoy your photos of church art. I’ve always wondered how churches were decorated – is everything done by hand by local artists, is there a catalog they buy this stuff from, will I see these decorations in any other church. In the very few churches I have visited, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the exact same image twice.

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