St. Nicholas Byzantine: The Altar

Above the altar is the icon of Christ Pantocrator. The most common translation from Greek is “Almighty.” A more literal translation is “Ruler of All”. The letters IC XC on either side of His head are an abbreviation from Greek for Jesus Christ. The bars above the letters indicate that it is a sacred name.

The mosaic behind the altar of the Resurrection of Christ.

This is the altar of St. Nicholas during the Christmas season. This shot was my first attempt at HDR (high dynamic range) imaging. It involves taking several pictures of the same subject with different camera settings, and then blending them together.


2 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Byzantine: The Altar

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely photos. I attended this school and church so long ago. I moved to Florida in 1995 when I graduated high school and miss seeing the beautiful art in the church. I’m glad very little has changed. It made me home-sick.

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