LCMP: Winter Days Festival 2011

Saturday was the only day of the Lorain County Metro Parks Winter Days Festival, an annual get-outta-the-house-and-enjoy-the-cold extravaganza. Enjoy the cold? Are you nuts? Of course not, not when you can sled, take horse-drawn sleigh rides, watch ice carvers demonstrate their talents, watch sled dogs do their thing, or learn how to snow shoe. This was my fourth Winter Days Fest, having started in 2008. According to local news, over 800 attended the festival. Quite a turnout, and it seems to draw more every year.

I parked on the Bacon Woods side of the River, and there were quite a few people, young and old alike, sledding and sliding down the snow-covered hill.

Over to the Mill Hollow side, where all the activities were taking place. A new ice carver working on an eagle, and doing a great job of explaining his job and skills, and some of the tools that he uses.

The finished sculpture!

Steven Griffea, a chef from DeLuca’s and a Winter Days regular, carved these.

I watched everyone in line, talking excitedly, and waiting their turns for the horse-drawn carriage ride.

(I put both shots up because I really liked the ‘shot through the trees’, and I thought this one looked pretty good.)

Hey, is that horse smiling for his picture?!

Found these berries on the south side of the building, while I was waiting for the carriage to come back.

Everyone loves the sled dogs, they’re very friendly, and they love their trainer!!

Such beautiful dogs!

And I do mean everyone loves the dogs!

Inside for a minute, so I can warm up my hands.

Stirring a pot of chicken and dumplings, then hot coals on top of the pot with the dinner rolls.

Hope you enjoyed, and think about coming out next year!!


3 thoughts on “LCMP: Winter Days Festival 2011

  1. fire and ice πŸ™‚ I had one of the ice carvings through De Luca for a certain rehersal dinner it was a huge vase at least four feet high and it was filled with a gorgeous arrangement…and was very reasonable too I might add.nice to see the face behind the vase πŸ™‚

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