Opening Available

In the tab above labeled About LoCoPhotogBlog, I wrote:

If you’re looking for a place to post some pics and get some feedback, let me know.

I set this blog up, posting for the first time on June 5, 2007, not long after joining Flickr. There were a number of Lorain photographers with Flickr accounts, all of which required a different link to be able to view their photos. If you wanted to comment on the photos, then YOU had to have a Flickr account. If not, you could just look. I contacted a few of those photogs, asking if they were interested in posting pics to a blog that I would pay for and set up, and it would give all of us one place to direct people, where they could see Lorain, see our best work, and be able to comment on it. All in one place. On my dime. The only thing I would get out of it was….more people posting and drawing more viewers to it. I thought that was pretty fair. No?

So, I pay the bill, get it set up and….nothing. One or two thought this was a good idea for them to do for themselves. Another moved out of the area. And I was on my own. So, I changed the apostrophe from Photographers’ to Photographer’s, and moved on.

That was almost 6 years ago now. 734 posts, 2400+ comments, over 82 thousand pieces of spam, 145 categories, 3 cameras and LOTS of photographs. As time passes, I get more and more hits from people searching for Lorain photo blog, which makes me smile. Word has obviously gotten out. I see links from people’s email accounts, so folks are sending the blog link to other people, and that makes me smile. I’ve shot a TON of things here in Lorain, and this is gradually becoming a what’s what in this city and the county. From Amherst to the Bascule Bridge, from the Lofton Henderson Memorial Bridge to Oberlin, from the Rose Garden to Vermilion and Wellington, and many points in between, this blog comes up as a result in lots of searches.

So what, you say? Why this post? Because I have been contacted by a number of people over the years, wanting to post some pics, to do what I do here, to get some practice and get some feedback. So, I ask them to pick out some of their most recent stuff, shots that they’re very happy with, write up a little intro about themselves, and get it all to me and I’ll put it together for them, post it, and we can see what happens.

You know what happens?


I never hear from them again. Not diddly. Not boo. Just the sound of crickets.

I’m not a pro. Not even close. I’ve made a little money for doing a lot of shooting a while ago. That’s it. I shoot thousands of pictures every year. Heck, in a good month I probably shoot well over a thousand, depending on where I can get. So, the only difference between me and the next guy might be number of pictures taken. And I read a LOT of stuff about improving my picture-taking, and what changing settings on my camera will do for my photos. There are lots of folks out there that can take better photos than me. Some of them get paid for it.

Do I have a point to all this blabbering? Yes, I do.

I will not beg you after you contacted me to pretty-please send me something. I won’t with-sugar-on-top plead with you to join me here. If you want to get your work out there, this is an opportunity. No one that comes here has ever posted a comment saying, “This sucks. You stink. Your pictures are ugly.” That will not happen. You want to wait? That’s fine. Want some pointers? I’ll be doing that over the course of the year, showing what different settings will do, and how to do some fun stuff.  You want to send me some pics, or a link and ask for some feedback? I’ll be more than happy to do it. And we can keep it private. Your call.  

Step outside your comfort zone. Drop me a note at We’ll see what happens.


5 thoughts on “Opening Available

  1. All of Mark’s super awesome “Step outside your comfort zone.” programs have worked for me! I’ve never been so uncomfortable! um…er..I mean, I’ve never stepped in so much…uh…success?
    I encourage everyone to take Mark up on this offer! Mark has helped me a lot – he knows his picture-takin’ stuff.

    Join us for PhotoPhun on Sundays, too!

    I hope Santa brought Bryan a camera.

  2. Lisa,
    No Santa did not bring me a camera. I still have my other one but due to some things I was foolish enough to say “yes” to, I don’t have time.

  3. errrrrrrrrr you can ask Gavin why there are no pictures of Carlisle Reservation and Lakeview at Christmas sigh Nag Nog had the camera SIGH sorry Bryan they looked so pretty … no pics from me ……I know I get a lot of hits coming over from this blog to mine but I have a question when looking through the view finder which eye do you close? seems I am always closing both sigh!

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