PhotoPhun Challenge: Christmas Decorations

This was an unusual Christmas for my clan for a few reasons. Business is good for my employer and my department was running. Since my kids knew everything they were getting (picked out the majority of it), and my wife wanted to travel to North Carolina to see her sister and her family, I opted to work the 3-day weekend. Holiday pay is nothing to sneeze at this time of year, cold or no cold (pun). So, after work Friday, we had Christmas Eve at Mom and Pop’s, went to C.E. Liturgy at St. Nick’s (how appropriate, right?), and then home to open gifts. Saturday while I worked, Mar and Kristen and Alainey left for North Carolina, and Sunday I worked again. When I saw that Lisa didn’t have a PhotoPhun posted last night, I thought I was off the hook, as it was a busy weekend. Getting up this a.m. to see she had something, I had to scramble to the archives. Most of these have the bokeh that Lisa mentions in her post.

This was taken 2 years ago, on Broadway; a close-up of some of the lights decorating the lamp posts downtown.

This was shot 3 years ago at Lakeview Park. Also, as Lisa mentioned, the aperture and longer exposure turn some lights into stars. Click the picture for a larger view of the animals.

This was shot 3 years ago at Crocker Park. I’d heard about the decorations and had to check’em out. They did not disappoint.

One of my all-time favorites, shot at Lakeview Park. I need to re-shoot this one as it’s a little dim.

I just shot this one the other night, sitting in my recliner, playing with the ISO and shutter on my camera. I hope to do a few posts this coming new year, some how-to’s that I’ve learned and can share. This is a 5-second exposure with the ISO set at 1600, taken of the star at the top of my Christmas tree.


A little bright for my taste, so I’ll have to try this again at a lower shutter speed.

So, there you have it!! Lisa said next week’s challenge is mine to pick, giving me the first challenge of the New Year. I had thought some over the weekend about what I could pick, and the first idea I had is what I’m going to go with, without even thinkin’ how I’m gonna do it. The January 2, 2011 PhotoPhun Challenge is going to be “Resolutions.” Find a way to photograph your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions for next Sunday!!


2 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Christmas Decorations

  1. I was cuttin’ it close, my friend…
    “Published on: Dec 26, 2010 @ 23:22”
    and most pictures taken only an hour or two earlier 😉

    Nothin’ wrong with picking through the archives for some oldies but goodies!

    Those Cracker Park lights make me think of the bells and garland they used to string across Broadway when we were kids.

    I wish Lorain in general would shut off more of those annoying orange lamppost lights so the holiday lights could be enjoyed.

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