PhotoPhun Challenge: Free-For-All

This week’s Challenge was a Free-For-All. Whatever you wanted, you could shoot. I’ve never had a big interest in cars. Any kind. Classic cars were sharp, attractive, all of that, but that was it. In high school I couldn’t tell ya the difference between any kind of car. So, during Circlefest, we stopped into the Western Reserve Historical Society. Imagine my surprise when Kristen took one look downstairs and asked,”We’re going down there, right? We’re gonna check out the cars? Dad, can we go down there?” Of course we did. You don’t look your daughter in the eye, when she’s that enthused about something and tell her ‘no.’

So, with a classic car post pending for sometime soon, here’s a couple of shots I got while we were there.

Hood ornament from a Packard

Lisa got all cold and chilly with her free-for-all. Check her out here because she’s got some great shots!


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