PhotoPhun Challenge: Food

 This week’s challenge was Food, specifically, Thanksgiving food.  Dinner was at Mom’s and she cooked one rockin’ turkey this year. Not to say she didn’t in years past, but this one she seasoned differently and it was fantastic! I cooked redskin mashed potatoes with pureed sweet onion and they were a big hit. Mom likes to have some munchin’ food beforehand, hence the olives. She made a vegetable pizza, too, but the pic didn’t come out well. Pumpkin pie from Sam’s Club, and the nut and poppyseed rolls are from St. Nicholas Church. Excellent!

Check out what Lisa and Chuck cooked, and be careful you don’t drool on your keyboard, cuz it looks Goooooooooooooood!!

Lookin’ for suggestions for next Sunday’s challenge. Feel free to shout one out!


Roasted turkey breast

Mashed redskin potatoes

Green and black olives (you can have my share, thanks)

Pumpkin pie!!

Poppyseed roll

Nut roll


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