PhotoPhun Challenge: Someplace I’ve Never Been

Lisa posed this week’s challenge, and it was almost a challenge I couldn’t achieve. Go someplace in Lorain County I’d never been before. I had plans of visiting the MetroPark in Carlisle Township, and as the week passed, that was changed to a visit to Day’s Dam. Then, something came up that kept me home for the better part of Thursday, and that didn’t happen. So, in a last-ditch attempt at being able to submit something, I took Mike and Kristen to LCCC so Mike could register for his PSEO class for next semester.  While he waited, I roamed the new Barbara and Mike Bass Library/Community Resource Center.  I’d never seen it before, so….


This is the scene at the northern entrance.

 As I walked through, this vanishing point shot jumped out.


And this staircase? Wow!!

Now, if you know me, you knew I’d have to get this shot.

The view on the other side of the library.

Now go see where Lisa and Ree had never been before!!


8 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Someplace I’ve Never Been

  1. Wow! Nice shots!

    I’ve actually been to that library before! It’s also part of the Lorain County Library System, so your library card works there just like any other library. They don’t have the hugest selection of fiction books (and they even have a SMALL section of large print books too!) but you could order your books through the library website and have them sent to the LCCC library for you to pick up. If I still lived almost across the street from them, that would have helped!

  2. Ok, bust out some food pics for next Sunday!! We all know there will be some serious eatin’ goin’ on this week, so fire up the cameras. Doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving dinner, but shoot some food!!

    November 6–February 15
    Carlisle Reservation
    Seasonal changes in nature
    can be seen on a daily basis,
    but are often forgotten once
    they occur. We’ve explored
    the trails of the Carlisle
    Reservation all summer long,
    taking in nature through
    first-hand experience, and
    we’ve come to appreciate some
    of the less-traveled paths for
    their breath-taking views. Why
    not capture the beauty of the
    changing seasons at these sites
    to recount in the future?
    Through a series of eight naturalist-led hikes, your opportunity for viewing and
    photographing magnificent landscapes awaits! Any of the photos you take while
    exploring the Carlisle Reservation with us will be welcome for inclusion in a
    Winterscapes Photo Show in April 2011, within the gallery at the Carlisle Visitor
    Center. Photographers whose works are included in the show will be awarded
    with a mug (one per person) for participation. Join us for these “Winterscapes”
    photo-hike opportunities:
    November 6 2–3:30 pm CAR-CVC Deer Run Trail
    November 27 2–3:30 pm CAR-EC Northern Loop Horse Trail
    December 4 2–3:30 pm CAR-EC/CMF Hale Road Loop
    December 19 2–3:30 pm CAR-DPPA Carlisle Bottoms Trail
    January 8 2–3:30 pm CAR-CVC Sugar Loop and Big Woods Trails
    January 23 2–3:30 pm CAR-EC Southern Loop Horse Trail
    February 5 2–3:30 pm CAR-EC Meadow Loop Trail
    February 15 5–6:30 pm CAR-CVC Children’s Nature Discovery
    and Short Loop Trails
    Lace those boots, charge your batteries, and bring along a camera to collect some
    lasting memories of the fall-to-winter seasonal changes as they occur within the
    Carlisle Reservation! For more information regarding the trails at the Carlisle
    Reservation, please visit

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