PhotoPhun Challenge: Patterns

Okay. Daylight Savings Time is going to be a pain in my backside. It puts a serious damper on my shooting opportunities because when I work days, I go to work in the dark, and I leave for home in the dark. What the heck am I supposed to do now?! Gonna take some advance planning and working on my days off to shoot what I need. Dang it. So, that said, I was fortunate to get these two shots, because otherwise I’d be posting two pictures of pitch black and telling you that they’re some sort of repeating design.

One of my wife’s candles.

The weave of a basket in the house.

Wish I could’ve got more, but it was dark!!!!


Lisa and Ree have stuff too, so go check’em out!!


6 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Patterns

  1. I wish we could stop messing with the clocks, too.

    Bryan – you are too dedicated and it shows. Many people appreciate your hard work 🙂

    Mark – That’s a pretty candle picture. I haven’t tried any of those yet. You did a great job this week despite being in the dark!

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