PhotoPhun Challenge: Looking into the Past

It’s time!! This is it!! Since September 5th, when this challenge was first proposed, I’ve been looking forward to this day. Originally suggested by Lisa, “Looking into the Past” involves taking a picture from sometime in the past, and taking another photo of it, where it used to be/would be now. There is a group on Flickr that does this, and there are some really unique things done with this idea. I have to send a HUGE “Thank YOU” to Art Oehlke, owner of The 503 Shop on Broadway, who was kind enough to let me borrow most of the photos/postcards I used in this challenge. Art’s collection of Lorain memorabilia is incredible!!

Lisa and Ree also have some unique pics for this challenge, and Kalin is catching up with some of our past PhotoPhun challenges, so make sure to click the names and see what they came up with!!

Mom and Pop, April of 1965, at what used to be St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church on Toledo Ave.

At this point, I was getting frustrated with not being able to bring the photo and the background into focus TOGETHER. And, since I have the toys, I figured I would be expected to step it up a little. So, I did.

Wasn’t too thrilled with the way this came out, but, you know..?.

Old City Hall next to the under-construction current City Hall.

A view looking south down Broadway, from the corner of West Erie.

I think Lisa wants to call something for next Sunday, but I’m not quite sure what it’s gonna be…So, we’ll wait for her to announce it. Hope you enjoyed!!


8 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Looking into the Past

  1. The view looking down Broadway looks so vibrant and full of life.

    Will you be taking photos of downtown Lorain this year when it’s lit up for Christmas? I just read they’re planning on doing it again this year and we’re planning on coming from Elyria to check it out. 🙂

  2. Thanks Loraine!

    I will be shooting up downtown Lorain for Christmas again. I hope to make it down there for the music and fireworks, and actually get to see the horse-drawn carriages this year. Last year it rained the night I was able to go, and I’m not a big fan of walking around in that.

  3. You did an incredible job matching the old photos with the new scenes. I really like the City Hall picture. I don’t remember the house that is now a parking lot and that was very cool to see.

    Next Sunday is the PhotoPhun Halloween Challenge. Show us your best Halloween pictures. Decorations, costumes, whatever Halloween is to you – we wanna see it!
    If you do not do “the Halloween thing”, then show us your best fall pictures instead.

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