PhotoPhun Challenge: Weather

Lisa called this week’s challenge right off the bat, to give us all as much time as possible to work on this. Any kind of weather, she said. Tough one this, because it’s not like you can drive to the next city for it, or the park, or drive around looking. You just have to wait, and be ready. Be sure to visit Lisa and Ree to see what they got!!

So here’s what I was able to get this week:

Sunday night it was cool and partly cloudy.

Wednesday it rained.

Thursday had me busy, as it was foggy early in the am,

and then it was hazy,

and once the fog burned away, it was sunny the rest of the afternoon.

THAT was fun!! Good choice, Lisa!!

Still working on those “Look into the Past” photos? Waiting on the others input, but I think we’ll be calling this one soon. And we need another suggestion for next week’s challenge!!


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