PhotoPhun Challenge: Sharp or Pointed Things

Ree volunteered ‘Sharp or Pointed Things’ for this week, and off we went. I had a few things in mind that I could do, and some that I wanted to do, and then some I’d avoid. I thought about knives right away, but felt it too obvious. I wanted to find a shot from the July 4th bacon roast, but there were no good shots of the forks. Forget it. So, driving home from work and all of a sudden, I’m pulling to the boat launch lot in Sheffield Lake. Why? Because I saw this:

That’s pretty pointed, right? On my way home, and I detour down 2nd Street, from West Erie and Washington. What’d I find? This:

and this:

More points on their beaks.

Still haven’t gotten home, yet. Just before I do, I remember another one. So I go all the way down 40th Street, to St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church, for the onion dome.

That should be enough, shouldn’t it? Nah, that was too easy. I got them all so quick. Keep looking. So, I’m at my parents’ house a few days ago, and I get this one (I did not intentionally get all these birds):

Then on Saturday, just before I took the “Clan” to Cedar Point, I put this together:

Now I’m done. Not too shabby, huh? So, now go visit Lisa and Ree and see what they got. And don’t forget to keep working on the “Look into the past” future challenge. It should be a GOOD one!!

What’s NEXT week’s challenge???




4 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Sharp or Pointed Things

  1. Good ideas and great pics! Nice hummingbird shot. I wish I knew how you get all these birds to sit and pose for you.

    Next week’s challenge – the weather.

  2. Hm and not one of you asked to take a photo of my sharp tongue it has been known to even slash razor sharp wit ;)and make a point from time to time 🙂

    good stuff….. keep on keeping on………..

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