PhotoPhun Challenge: Water

This week’s challenge was my call, and having been browsing through some Flickr groups, decided on “Water.” Didn’t matter what it was in, or doing, or anything; if it was water, you could shoot it. Lisa and Ree, go check’em out, because they never fail to impress.

I started this challenge last Monday, going up to Lakeview just before sunset, and was fortunate to find the volleyball game in progress. That and a shot at the sunset, and then I was over in the Rose Garden.

As much as I wanted to go to Elyria and get the fountain downtown for this challenge, it wasn’t to be. Wanting something other than Lake Erie for variety, I went up to Veteran’s Park to see what I could come up with. I started with the ‘big picture,’ and then got up close.

I want to repeat a future challenge (no date set yet):  I’d like to throw one out there that Lisa and I have been discussing for a while (she gets credit for finding this one). It’s called “Looking into the past.” You use a photograph (taken years ago) of something, and photograph the photo in the same place now. Yea, I know, I did that absolutely no justice at all. Just go here and see what I mean.


9 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Water

  1. The secret to the blur is a longer exposure, but smaller aperture for light. I have to buy another lens in order to get that. The shutter stays open longer, and the aperture allows less light in, giving you the blur. I tried that at Veteran’s Park, but the pic started getting dark,

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