I Like the Light

Lisa just talked about it, and I’ve discussed it as well, the light you use for taking photos can make all the difference in the world. Early morning light is great, because if your subject is positioned right, you get a full-on illumination, as opposed to overhead lighting that can cause shadows. When shooting the flowers at Lakeview Park’s Rose Garden, I always liked cloudy days instead of sunny days, because the sun was too intense on the flowers. I’ve added another time of day to my list of ‘likes,’ and that’s just before sunset.

I went to Lakeview the other night to work on the “Water” challenge. I almost got what I wanted, as much as I was going to considering the sky, and wandered over to the Rose Garden. I try not to go up there all the time, because I have shot hundreds of photos there, and I’ve almost done it to death here. I can’t keep shooting the same thing over and over, I’ve got to keep on doing things I haven’t tried.

Well, every now and then, you learn a little something. I found that about 30 minutes before sunset, the light is ever so gentle on the roses, and falls over the better part of the garden, even with the Rose Cafe being where it is.







5 thoughts on “I Like the Light

  1. The top left rose looks like a sunset. Mark, these shots are absolutely beautiful. I don’t think it is possible to take too many pictures of all the beautiful roses up there.

  2. Panorama roses? How cool! I would never have thought to do that. We’re going to have to do a panorama challenge sometime. I do most of mine by hand and get some funky results.

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