PhotoPhun Challenge: Block “O”

In honor of his beloved Buckeyes, Bryan chose the Block “O” or anything that’s round and resembles an “O” for this week’s challenge. There’s a lot out there, you just have to really be looking at it to realize it.  Two of mine were ‘surprises’. So, let’s get to it. Check out Lisa and Ree, too!! And keep an eye on Lisa’s site, she was up at the lake last night (wish I could’ve gone), and I bet she’ll be sharing pics later this week!!

Sorry so late (work), but Bryan got his in this am:

and mine…

Lotsa “O’s” in this one!!! Extra points?

This was surprise #1, because I turned around from doing this and said “Hey!”

And this is practically in my backyard, and it was halfway through the week before I realized. Surprise.

Before I offer up the opportunity to pick next week’s challenge, I’d like to repeat the explanation of a future challenge:

I’d like to throw one out there that Lisa and I have been discussing for a while (she gets credit for finding this one). It’s called “Looking into the past.” You use a photograph (taken years ago) of something, and photograph the photo in the same place now. Yea, I know, I did that absolutely no justice at all. Just go here and see what I mean.

Ok, that being done, someone throw out a challenge for next Sunday!!!


8 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Block “O”

  1. I was slammed once again last week because of vacations at work. I have people with vacations scheduled for the next 3 weeks and Halloween Fair in October. So I am out for awhile. Sorry.

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