A Huge “Thank You!”

I received an email from Mike Kennedy the other day, letting me know I should check out 383 Broadway, because Peg Asensio had created some new window art. Mrs. Asensio has been very involved with art projects in downtown Lorain. She was featured as one of the Ladies of Lorain on Loraine Ritchey’s blog, and was the driving force behind the window decorations downtown over a year ago. Being familiar with her work, I knew I needed to get on this.

Possibly inspired by a program that is working in Cleveland, it involves using decorative boards on vacant houses and buildings, so that it’s not obvious that there’s nobody home. Here’s hoping this is the start of a similar program here in Lorain.



5 thoughts on “A Huge “Thank You!”

  1. Once again my wonderfully talented sister creates a masterpiece. I hope all of you Lorainites know how lucky you are that she’s part of the community. Keep up the good work Peg! You and your work are awesome!!! Love and Miss you!

  2. Truly beautiful and oh so creative! Once again Peg delivers a ray of hope to downtown Lorain with her artistic talents. She is a rare gem in the arts community and is very humble about her own work. Lorain should be honored to have someone so dedicated to the revitalization of it’s downtown and to enriching the community through the visual arts.
    Keep up the great work Peg and Dan, you always continue to amaze me, and are the most generous couple I have ever known.
    Love you, Linda

  3. A very bright spot to make you smile when things don’t seem so bright and promising in these times in which we live or try to survive.
    Everyone should appreciate Peg’s efforts and talent. Megan

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