PhotoPhun Challenge: Red

Ann “Ree” Marie, a newcomer to PhotoPhun but an experienced blogger, proposed “Red” for this week’s challenge. Nicely timed for me as I had quite a few things on hand that would fit the bill . Make sure you visit Ree at her place and Lisa at her’s.

The following are mine:

My ‘salsa’ tomatoes

Hey! The sign said “Red grapes.”

Impatiens from the flower box.


Yes, they tasted as good as they look. No, they didn’t last long.

I think it’s going to be my turn to pick the next challenge, unless Chuck or Ritchey want to get in on the action. However, I’d like to throw one out there that Lisa and I have been discussing for a while (she gets credit for finding this one).  It’s called “Looking into the past.” You use a photograph (taken years ago) of something, and photograph the photo in the same place now. Yea, I know, I did that absolutely no justice at all. Just go here and see what I mean.

Cool, right? So, dig out those old shots or find some and get to work. We’ll give everyone some time to do some archive diggin’ and then give advance notice when we’re ready to do this.


8 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Red

  1. Hey – when you went to that Flickr group page, did you notice he posted a link to the CNN then-and-now Katrina project? Some of those pictures are just incredible.

    You guys did a great job! Welcome back, Bryan – looks like it was a beautiful day to be at the fair.

  2. I don’t know if I will have anything for this one that I can use. I have before and afters of Lakeview but they are on my work computer and can’t use them for this.

  3. Good job everyone. I had pictures of tomatoes also but thought I would try to find something different. Love the Hibiscus, stop signs, bird house and water bottles. Welcome Ree.

  4. Bryan, do you have any old pictures from anywhere around here that you can place in a scene of today? I found old pics of places we lived in Lorain, old parade pics with businesses on Broadway that no longer exist, and some old family pics to use. Maybe Mark has a link to some old Lorain pics on Flickr?

  5. OK Mark asked me to pick something for this week. Being the Ohio State fan I am and since Mark already did red. I honor of the first game of the season on Thursday lets do anything with “O” as a part of it. EX. Full moon/sun, stOp,or a Block O. I hope you get the point.

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