PhotoPhun Challenge: Beauty

This week’s challenge is “Beauty, as in the eyes of the beholder,” offered by Loraine Ritchey. I have to apologize right off the bat for having to dip into the archives once again, but it was a very bad week for me. I do have one new picture, and I’ll lead with it.

Beauty is defined by as “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind.” All of these photos, with their various subjects, bring some sense of pleasure and/or deep satisfaction to me.

My daughter, Kristen, holding my niece, Elena. Seeing the two of them get along and the smiles that they elicit from each other makes me feel very happy inside.

I love older churches. This is Nativity BVM in Lorain,

…and this is St. Stanislaus, in Cleveland.

Sunsets bring a tremendous sense of awe to my soul.

An exquisite flower, birthed by Mother Nature, takes my breath away.

Watching my kids play ball, son Mike pictured here, brings a joy to my heart like nothing else can.

And please make sure you visit Lisa’s place, and see what she found that was beautiful.


9 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Beauty

  1. Well done! It is kinda an archive week for me, too.
    Could you please fix the link to the House? Right now it is a link to Mike’s picture.

  2. Ok, I’ve gone back through both of your blogs to try to get some inspiration for next week’s theme. Here is what I came up with!

    RED! C’mon now, I am feeling it. The color Red.

    Good luck and good photos!


  3. Too funny!! I just got done trying my hand at pictures of food, including tomatoes, red grapes and strawberries, and you go and pick RED!!

    Will hold off the strawbs and look for more red!

    Good pick, Ree, and good luck to all this week!!

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