Saving Downtown: A Look at Wellington

I was recently in Wellington visiting a friend, and walked around their downtown. Damn, I wish Lorain’s downtown looked like this. Even as small as Wellington is, their downtown has survived the current recession. The buildings are well taken care of, no garish colors, no crappy signs, none of that.

Unlike Lorain, there are just a few vacant stores along the main street. And VERY unlike Broadway, not only does this vacant store look ready to move into, the interior is GORGEOUS.

Lorain has a Health Dept.- authorized flophouse, many stores that are used for storage, etc. Same as it’s been for the last 4? 5? 10 years?

Like what you see? Tell someone. Bitch to someone. Bitch to LOTS of people. Write your council-person. They can get the ball rolling. Lorain needs money? Income tax from operating downtown businesses would be a tremendous start. Increased property taxes from improved properties would help the schools with their financial situation. The City would have more money to improve the roads and streets.

All that JUST from getting downtown Lorain back on its feet and up and running again.

And I don’t even get paid to to this.


One thought on “Saving Downtown: A Look at Wellington

  1. We here in Lorain can only hope that Broadway will get back to look like this, maybe the new Community Development director can get it started. Mark maybe you should send this to her telling her this is what we would like Broadway to look like.

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