PhotoPhun Challenge: Wildlife

This week’s challenge, called by Lisa, is “Wildlife.” She included the following definition:“undomesticated animals living in the wild, including those hunted for food, sport, or profit.”  Disclaimer: Work got in the way this week, and I was unable to get anything. Know that I would much rather get out with the camera than have to dip into the archives. That being said, we have a new photographer joining us this week, Ernie Ritchey. We hope this is the first of many contributions. And don’t forget to check out Lisa, ‘cuz I’m quite sure she was able to get some fresh pics.

Guests first, Ritchey had a visitor in his backyard and was able to catch him.



Nicely done, Ritchey! You got a lot closer to this than I would’ve. I hate cicadas.

I forgot I have two shots I took when I was in North Carolina recently. On the beach, there were two ducks looking for something to eat. The first duck spooked a lot easier, and he took off. The black one was a lot bolder, and he eventually got fed mini Vanilla Wafers.

Unfortunately, he was a hog, too. He started getting too close to my wife, and my daughter and my almost-two-year-old nephew. So, drastic measures needed to be taken.

And from the archives, taken at Sandy Ridge.

And a shot of Chuck, though he might not be considered “wildlife” anymore.

I’ve emailed Loraine to see if we can get Ritchey to pick next Sunday’s challenge. Keep your fingers crossed!!



5 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Wildlife

  1. I will tell him- he just started the camera thing and shoots from the hip 😉 the hawk had just finished digesting a squirrel eeeeeeeeeeeeeyukkkkkkkkkk it all happens in our back yard in fact possums nil Misty 3 the frogs are soooooooooo lucky

  2. Those hawk pictures are great! Way to go Mr. Ritchey!

    Mark definitely got the best deer picture. I really like the pic of Kristen throwing water at the duck, too!

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