Funnin’ in Oberlin

I’ve wanted to try this for a long time, but couldn’t come up with the right setting. Being in Oberlin Wednesday morning, this looked like the perfect opportunity.


6 thoughts on “Funnin’ in Oberlin

  1. Yes, that’s a traffic light in the background. That is diagonally across the park? greenspace? from the northern end of the Art Museum.

    Five photos taken, and some cut and paste. Everything was manual, no selecting pics and letting Photoshop do it. It was kind of fun getting everything just right.

  2. You did an outstanding job on this one, Mark. We wondered if you had just stacked 5 different pics. And I told Chuck that was a traffic light! He was trying to figure out how you managed to catch it red in all 5 shots. I want to know how you overlapped the two yous on the right of the pic.
    [Thanks for sharing how you create your unique shots, BTW!]

  3. I tried layering the photos at first, but then adjusting the opacity of them only gives me a ghost effect, the image is there, but only halfway. So, I then resorted to cut-n-paste, and using the tripod, AND working quickly, I avoided any gradual movements of the tripod (due to the weight of the camera) and noticeable changes in the shadows from the sun.

    The overlap came from some very precise cutting. There is a way to overlap shots to get that (I’m almost positive) but I haven’t discovered it yet. I really have to sit down with the book and learn. Always too busy with something else, though.

    The red light used was in the last shot. I went back and looked, and the light was red in 3 of the pics, and I couldn’t see it in two. Wind must’ve move the branches, as I can’t see ANY color from that light.

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