Short But Sweet

Always looking to try something new. Was feeling somewhat stagnant. You’ve got to be tired of flower shots. I’m tired of the same old sunset shots. Slideshows are old hat, but definitely fit the bill if I’ve got a lot of photos that I think you’d like. PhotoPhun is a breath of fresh air, and definitely has me (and Lisa and Bryan) doin’ stuff we wouldn’t normally do.  Getting out and about on a moment’s notice isn’t always possible, and trying other things is necessary. One of the reasons I bought this camera was for its video capability. So, taking a hint from one of the promo’s for the show “Royal Pains,” I tried this with my neighbor’s son, Colton and my son, Michael.

Hopefully, there will be longer and more interesting videos to follow. (Slowed this down a bit, helps a lot.)


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