PhotoPhun Challenge: Out Of Town

This week’s PhotoPhun Challenge was to shoot some pics “Out of Town,” specifically, outside of Lorain. While I had a grand plan to hit certain cities around Lorain, life managed to get in the way. I was only able to get to two communities of the list I had made for myself.

I got the first one on the way home from work one morning this past week.

(The plaque reads as follows:) 

ALVA # B Tug
Home Port of Cleveland
Under Command of
Capt. John Frietas

ALVA-B Built in Buffalo NY 1890
Steam Power 83 Ton Gross

73’ 6” Length 18’ 5” Wide 10’6” Draft
PROP Steel 7’3” Tip to Tip
6 ¼” Shaft 2390 LB Weight

Sank off Avon Lake on Thur Nov 1, 1917
They Were Taking On Water. The Crew
Mistook The Lights From Beackpark
Amusement Park For A Safe Port

Raised Oct. 30, 1989 & Donated By

Anthony J. Scarpellin               Marsh Bruehler
Robert L. Grachanin           Bill Vortruba
James J. Grospitch           Paul Tasse
            William Kantor                   August A. Scarpelli
                       Dr. John Simpson           C.F.I. Avon Lake Plant
              Ronald F. Conn              Avon Lake Press

The photo above and below were taken at Sheffield Lake’s Community Days festival on Saturday.

Lisa REALLY got outta town! She’s got more pics than I’ve ever posted! Go see the sights she saw!!


5 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Out Of Town

  1. No great road trips for me this week. Hot and muggy means busy week for me.(at least I have lost my winter weight) I am REALLY looking forward to my vacations coming up soon.

  2. Nice pics, Mark!
    Last night, 9-ish, I saw 2 girls walking with traffic down Lake Road, one pushing a stroller barely within the lines, the other carrying her baby. This has got to stop. If it were a little darker, they would have been practically invisible. I thought that lane was solely a bike lane, not a ‘people in general’ lane.

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