So Now My Daughter Is Dragging ME Out!

One of Kristen’s close friends, Alainey, needed picked up from her home the other day, and I agreed to do it. But, she wasn’t ready yet, so my daughter suggested we kill some time down by the Lighthouse. At first, she suggested going out on Mile Long Pier, but when I showed her we could park directly across from the Lighthouse, near Hot Waters, she liked that even more. So, while she got acquainted with my old camera, I worked on getting comfortable with mine.

This Heron posed for us the whole time we were there.

A little left or right, and this looks completely different.

Thought these tiny plants looked neat, growing from a crack in the wood. This one is shaped like a crab with its claws upraised.

Didn’t I tell you he posed for us?

Oh yeah, it was a great day for being out on the lake!!

I think Kristen will be joining us for this week’s PhotoPhun Challenge, by the way.


One thought on “So Now My Daughter Is Dragging ME Out!

  1. grumble grumble damn heron grumble grumble 😡

    I think you bribed it with fish and that’s why it cooperated with you.

    Beautiful pictures, though.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s circles. 🙂

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