After Dinner Shots

Met my Mrs., my son and daughter, and my daughter’s friend at Applebee’s for a late dinner. When I got home, my squirrel-friend ‘Chuck’ was waiting on the tree for me. Not having any peanuts, I offered him a Nilla Wafer. Usually, he takes the first five peanuts I give him and buries them around the yard before he eats one. He took the Nilla Wafer and scarfed it. If he thinks I’m stocking the feeder with those cookies, he’s nuts. (Get it? Nuts?)

Anyway, I walked around the flowerbeds and found some new blooms.


2 thoughts on “After Dinner Shots

  1. Hi Mark we did Applebees too ( carry out) it has become my favourite fast food 🙂 it wasn’t so good though last night though –you didn’t upset the cook did you 🙂 the pictures are beautiful as always ……I am not going to International this year but have a greek donut for me 🙂

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