PhotoPhun Challenge: Cell Phone Photos

This week’s PhotoPhun Challenge, chosen by Lisa, was ‘Cell Phone Photos.’ 

This next photo, was taken by Dustin K. Wiley (who will hopefully be part of more Challenges).

This is a picture of the Statue of Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren on Little Round Top, PA

Lisa’s contributions will come later, as she is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

My entries are the following:

The first photo I took with my phone, a sunrise over Rt. 611 in Avon, as I was waiting for the light to change.

Mount Pilot, in North Carolina, known affectionately in my family as “Mount Nipple”. I took this 2 weeks ago on my way to visit family.

Go check out the cell phone pics Lisa’s got!!

It should be my turn to choose the next challenge, but I would like to offer it up to Bryan or Dustin, whomever gets here first, to suggest next week’s photo subject.


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