PhotoPhun Challenge: Lorain Youth Baseball

I’m a day late, but I got it. And I’ll be making up the “Still Life” that Lisa did LAST week, this week. Those of you that have come here in the past for LYB photos, check back in the near future. Given the time, I will try to make it up to Campana Park to get more shots, and we can discuss buying the jpegs. Look for an LYB page at the top of the site.

Update: Due to a LOT of traffic on my Flickr site, specifically Lorain Youth Baseball photos I took last year, I have started a set titled “Lorain Youth Baseball 2010”. If you click the link in the right column, it will take you directly to those photos. If you’re interested in a photo, please contact me.


3 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Lorain Youth Baseball

  1. The next challenge: let’s see your best cellphone picture[s]!
    We already have one new participant 🙂

    Email your pictures to Mark at
    or me at[at]
    for Sunday’s PhotoPhun!

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