A Walk Through Settlers’ Watch

As Loraine’s personal photographer, she let’s me know when something’s goin’ on, or asks me to get a shot for her when she needs it, or if there’s a photo op she thinks I’d be interested in. She let me know that someone had dropped off a red, white and blue bouquet at the foot of the Eagle dedicated to Airman 1st Class Eric Barnes.

I got to see the finished walkway, built with bricks from the recently razed Lorain High School.

Settlers’ Watch is about ready to bloom. Get yourself something cool from Mr. Twister, and head over to see the sights, or even to sit a spell. There always seems to be a nice breeze blowing through the area.


12 thoughts on “A Walk Through Settlers’ Watch

  1. By the time I get to SW from Mr. Twister, whatever treat I got will be gone and I’ll have to stop at K Cream Corner and get another one.

    If I’m coming over from home, is it okay if I stop at Terry’s Dairy instead?


  2. You so silly.

    The reason I added Mr. Twister is it is now owned by 2 men who used to work at the Sandusky Chi-Chi’s when I was a manager there. They drive here from Huron to run it. It has a new paint job is looks quite nice, and they are two great guys.

  3. Hey man, just giving everybody some fair play.
    I didn’t realize MT was under new ownership. They need to spread the word because last year’s crew was inventory & customer service challenged. As a result, a lot of people quit going there. I wish them all the best and look forward to giving the place another try!

  4. Thanks Mark for the “lightening of my mood” this morning…….the area does look nice and all the volunteers ( including you and Lisa and so many more ) have made it special…we have to support the bricks along the side of the path but the water thingy has to be put in so we are waiting to do that as we will have to dig in that area……also the solar fountain has had some issues. The water ran out and the pump went bye bye I think I will have to get another fountain that is closer to the ground as the wind blows it caused some issues…….but we need a water source for butterflies etc. in order to get the urban wildlife habitat designation … so I hope to get something back over there in a few days that will work a little better.

  5. Lisa,

    Going from Mr. Twister to SW is a drive, considering the proximity of K-Cream and the Dairy, and you’re right. We’d have to get another one to enjoy because it’d be gone by the time we got there.

    It just bugs me a bit because I spoke with K-cream’s owner last summer about the upgrades he was doin’, and offered coverage of the entire project and some free press, and never heard a word. Not that I won’t ever go there again, but if I was running a business, I’d take whatever free press I could get.

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