PhotoPhun Challenge: Black and White

My turn at picking the PhotoPhun Challenge and I wanted to try “Black and White” photography. I enhanced two shots, but before I shot it, I knew I’d have to do this. Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to check out Lisa!! (She beat me by a few minutes getting this up!) I see she and I had the same idea about visiting cemeteries. I went to Calvary Cemetery. Her turn to select next week’s challenge, unless someone else would like to offer one up or Hey!! You could join us!! Let us know!!






4 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Black and White

  1. Beautiful pictures, Mark! I thought that taking b&w pics on a b&w day would work out better than some of my results show. Despite the rain and clouds yesterday, I just didn’t capture the spooky old cemetery vibe that I was trying for. I’m not sure I got what I wanted out of the sky either. I’ll keep trying, though! 🙂

  2. For getting the spooky cemetery vibe, you gotta have some fog. That absolutely does it. Or try shooting from the top of a tombstone towards others. And get a lot of ’em in the shot.

    Your turn to pick!!!

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