PhotoPhun Challenge: Reflections

Last week, Lisa chose “Reflections” as this week’s PhotoPhun Challenge. Bryan was the first one to check in with his assignment. So, first come, first displayed (or something like that). So, here are Bryan Goldthorpe’s contributions:

I was able to do one this week, but dug another one out of the archives. Here’s the old one (click the pic for a larger view):

And the new one:

And be sure to check out Buster’s Momma for her contributions. (I’ll update the link when she posts.) And it’s my turn to propose the next assignment, I’ll post it in the comments when I think of one.


8 thoughts on “PhotoPhun Challenge: Reflections

  1. Glad you were able to join in, Bryan. I know what the ‘get it done when you can’ is like. Picked up an extra day at work last week, putting me at 5 12-hour days in a row, Saturday is clean-the-house day and Liturgy, and suddenly, it’s Sunday morning and time to post. So, you squeeze some shutter-time in, and pray some of it turns out good.

    My shot with the kids is sloppy because we were rushing to get to church. Given some extra time, I could’ve got it the way I wanted.

  2. Great job, guys!
    I should have started out with some non-sunset water captures, like Bryan. His second picture almost looks like you’re looking thru the window instead of at a reflection – cool!
    What a beautiful panorama, Mark! And the shot of you and the kids is a neat trick. I tried to find some reflection/illusions and they just didn’t come out like I had hoped. Maybe next time!

  3. Actually, Kristen and I were both wearing black polos to Church. I almost did my reflection in the lower mirror but that would’ve been wrong.

  4. All right, for all you folks following at home, and hopefully thinking about joining in, the assignment for this Sunday is

    Vanishing points.

    Upload your shots to Flickr, or other suitable similar thingy, and I can post’em here next Sunday.

    Good Luck!!

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