PhotoPhun? FotoFun? Hmmm..

Buster’s Momma and I are still running with the LoCoBuHoBpppPbbb thingy-ma-bob Challenge-O whatchamacallit. Figured if no one wanted to play with us, we’d do it ourselves. (Watch it!)  So, since both of us are familiarizing ourselves with new cameras, we’re throwing challenges at each other, so we learn something new. Momma wanted me to get some night shots, especially since there was a full moon forecast, with clear skies, this past week.Well, the night of the full moon, it was REALLY CHILLY outside. And warm inside. Guess where I didn’t go that night? Yup.So, a day or so later, it was ‘shorts weather.’ My favorite. And that night I was outside and played and got these:

First night shot. The timer defaults to a 13 second shutter exposure. Oooh rah, right? Exciting. Not.

Check it out! I can go up to 60 seconds on the shutter!! You can see the little dots are now stretched out a little by the length of time, and the earth’s movement. This can get fun now!

Momma asked me for some shots of the moon. I don’t have a gargantuan telephoto for my camera yet (four-figure price on those), so rather than get a small dime-sized pic of the moon, with little definition, I started playing. This one came out the best, and my daughter agreed I shouldn’t subject you to the others.

Still trying to do something close to what Momma challenged me with, I went to Lakeview one night. I’m working on figuring out how to layer and ‘stack’ these star shots, but if you click on the above pic, you’ll see the trails of the movement. I think I have 5 or 6 pics stacked above.

While I was down there, I took some shots of the Beach House, just to tinker with. It was too dark (I realized later) to do what I’d hoped, but while goofin’ off, I got the next shot. There were a lot of people at Lakeview between 10 and 11pm that night, quite a few of which were walking the boardwalk and the beach. So, I shot this, which I thought turned out well. The woman on the left is so well defined because she stopped to light a smoke.

(Sorry I forgot to add this one when I originally posted Sunday night.)

 To give you a better idea of the movement of the stars, I put the shots I took into a slideshow. Click to play below.


 Don’t forget to check out what Momma did with her challenge.


10 thoughts on “PhotoPhun? FotoFun? Hmmm..

  1. Look at you! Makin’ movies, catchin’ movement. Wow! All I asked for was some cool shots of the night sky, including the full moon & any planets. I never realized Lakeview was so conducive to nighttime photography! I went out to the end of the pellet terminal pier thinking it would be nice and dark for night pictures – boy was I wrong!
    You did a great job! I’m looking forward to seeing what you add to this collection!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Once I started shooting, and saw what I could do, the whole ‘little-kid-with-a-new-toy’ thing kicked in.

    There’s a video for a rock song that’s played on MTV for a little while now, that gave me an idea for a pic, and when I told my daughter about it, she said she wanted to help out. I won’t say what it is right now, but it’ll involve a little Photoshop magic.

    Loraine, that’s the first thing I thought when I got the pic with the moon. The light in that house is on, and all I could think was someone calling the police or coming out and accusing me of being some kind of high-tech peeping tom!

  3. I am happy you guys are having fun and learning more about your cameras. Busters Mamma did a nice job with her macro shots. I wish I had the time right now to join you guys but if you continue to post the challenge just maybe…..

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