Henery’s Back and He’s Got a New Toy

Been in a really bad funk, which I will not go into. Head was in a bad place, no motivation, blah-blah blah  blah-freakin’-blah. Ya know? Been saving for a new toy for a long time, and got it yesterday. Got out tonight to play with it. Hope you enjoy, and sorry for the long drought.

Always gotta start with the Lighthouse, right?

Then something else simple, like a sunset.

Try some color and contrast.

And then go fer broke, and try a baby. This is Kora, by the way.


11 thoughts on “Henery’s Back and He’s Got a New Toy

  1. A good blast of sunshine helped by getting out and watching the world being reborn definitely helps the internal being. Getting ready to start the seeds, anticipating the garden. Daughters wedding this weekend. Planning a busy summer in Lorain (cross your fingers). Good shot of chia seeds to keep us going. Can even face cutting grass …if the drifts ever melt.
    Hooray for Spring!

  2. Wow!! Neil Zurcher! Thank YOU, sir, for paying a visit and staying as long as you did. It’s an honor to have you come by. Feel free to drop me a note if you ever need company on one of your One Tank Trips!!

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