From Shame to Shameful to Shameless

First of all, I’d like to apologize to all of the folks that came here today and were subjected to 2 – six-letter pieces of profanity directed at me by the owner of a local business. I try to keep this site clean of language like that, and do not tolerate any use of it. Unfortunately, it has progressed even farther (lower?) than that.

Anyone who’s followed any of my ‘Fame It-Shame It’ series, has seen photos of houses and businesses that had been allowed to deteriorate to the point of violating numerous codes, and even so much as dragging down the values of those properties surrounding them.

Such was the case involving the Westgate Plaza last summer. The shopping center has become decrepit and, at the time, was the location of two businesses. One of those businesses used an upturned gun to designate the letter “L” in the word Criminal in the business’ name. I felt this to be socially and civically irresponsible, though I did not say that at the time. The owner of said business, came on here and then emailed me at my home, threatening legal action if I didn’t take down the post. He accused me of ridiculous things, of which he obviously was unfamiliar with and then he threatened me personally if it was not removed. I then contacted the Lorain Police, forwarding all the emails he had sent, and an officer was sent to the business to address the owner.

End of story? Hardly.

He relocated his business to downtown, and then had the audacity to come back here and advertise it. Since I was not going to let him do this, considering the trouble he’d caused, I removed the last digit of his phone number. He also announced the fact that he could make anyone’s vehicle capable of breaking a recently passed noise ordinance, like that was something to be proud of.

I went by his new digs, and photographed his recently acquired property. The photos depicted his business, and now his ‘logo’ had an “Explicit” sign over the upturned weapon. The article also included comments he’d made on this site, and in emails to my personal account.

So, fast forward to today: He comes by here, sees the photos of his business with the comments he left, and calls me the 2 six-letter words. He has NOW added a page to his business’ website, calling me names, and claiming that I gave a false report to the Police Department, doctored the emails, and I forget what-all-else. It also reads like a second grader wrote it, there are that many typos and grammatical errors.

Anyone who has followed my work here and elsewhere knows that I don’t post ANYTHING unless it’s true. I don’t lie, I don’t fabricate anything, and there are a lot of folks that will attest to that. This was necessary a few years ago because I posted under a pseudonym and, if I was going to be taken seriously with the alias, my facts and any information had to be right on. This is something I have continued here.

So, now this ‘reputable?’ business owner has dedicated part of his website to discredit? and embarrass me. Unfortunately, it only makes him look bad that a business would share space with a personal attack on another individual. He has also made it his business to find out where I live, posting a photo of my home on his site, and promising even “more to come.” Oh, and before I forget again, he likens me to a feminine hygiene product. Everything you’d expect from a person who wants to ‘maintain’ a good reputation, or as good of one as is possible with a business with the word “criminal” in the name, and an owner who makes public threats to people.

Can you imagine anyone wanting to do business with someone like that? Yea, me either. Career suicide is how it reads to me. All of this because he couldn’t bring himself to just ask me to remove the photos. He had to threaten and attack me. I guess it maintained the theme of his profession.

So, again, apologies to all who may have been offended by this business owner’s language.


4 thoughts on “From Shame to Shameful to Shameless

  1. I had seen that tirade on his website. Most of us who write and blog have our “special detractors” ( one of the reasons people write under a nom de plume , so situations like this are not so personally “threatening”. )

    This persons lifestyle/ business obviously isn’t one I am familiar with or care to be ever familiar with( believe it or not I don’t have a need “bikers knives” ( there are way too many knives in my own back I can access 🙂

    As you and your readers are aware I have always been supportive of the business community especially in the downtown area, but this is scary .

    Reading the things he has written , and you are correct he obviously is not aware of the back ground of FISI series ( which has had many positive results with abandoned buildings and cleaning up through the city – all documented- which has benefitted many of the businesses and health and safety issues we face both as residents and businesses . I am very concerned for you and yours. Please be careful .

    There is no need to apologize for the language used by this business owner the profanity speaks for itself and communicates the thought process only too well. Loraine

  2. Thanks, Kalin.

    Loraine called me a few hours ago and told me it was taken down. Also said the color was changed and that the site was easier to read.

  3. Yes and I am glad, I don’t know Mark maybe you could put his comments back into a moderation form ( not delete them ) and although I am not a big fan of censorship ( even self censorship 🙂 I don’t know put the article ( the latest one )not the westgate plaza one but the continuation that got him so riled back into the draft folder at least until cooler heads prevail…. .just a thought as I am very concerned for you and yours. I copied and have filed the first webpage and also the 2nd updated one …that came after… Hopefully this has finished now and everyone can go about thweir “business” Loraine

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