Ask, And Ye Probably Will Receive….

I enjoy photography. A lot. I wouldn’t spend the time and money that I do if I didn’t. And though I don’t get many comments on here (I don’t expect anyone to keep coming here and saying “Nice shot!” day in and day out), my pats on the back come via the info I get on my sitemeter reports. I see the same IP addresses regularly, and multiple page views, and lots of time spent paging through the posts I’ve made. Added smiles come when I see referrals by way of emails. The referring link shows as a gmail or hotmail account, which tells me someone said, “Hey! Check this out!” So, to those of you that like what I’ve done enough to spread it around, to those that keep coming back, and to those that post to forums with a link to here, I say

Thank you very much.” 

I don’t get paid for this. It is a labor of love, and I pay for the domain name, the server service, and the flickr account in order to have an outlet for this. The only thing I ask, is that you ask me before you use one of my photos for your personal use, or to promote something. There is one person that I can think of that has been granted carte blanche to any and all of my photos, and she knows who she is. She has helped me more by way of sending traffic and “gigs” my way than I can even begin to explain. (I did get paid from a certain “business” for services rendered, and I am always grateful for the “gigs” they provide and the interaction we have.”

That being said, if there is something of mine that you would like to use, for an ad, a feature, to help promote a cause, all you have to do is ask. 99.9% of the time, I’m gonna say, “Sure!!” I reserve that .1% for those things that go against my beliefs. I have seen my photos go out sans credit in a local newspaper, in a local organization’s emails, for get-togethers and causes, and I’ve seen local photographers duplicate my work and then get credit for it, without even so much as a reference for the inspiration.

So, before those of you that like what you see ‘borrow’ something for whatever reason, please be so kind as to ask first. It’s a pat on the back to me that you found something that will help your cause, and chances are, I’ll even post something here to help get the word out.


Mark J. Teleha (



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