LCMP: Bur Oak

I recently noticed a steel bridge was erected just beneath the overpass on Rt. 2 between the Rt 57 and Rt 254 exits. Thursday I had the opportunity to pay a visit.

Friendly to bikers and walkers of all kinds,

the Bridgeway Trail extension was a very relaxing walk.

The Trail passes beneath both the eastbound and westbound traffic of Rt. 2, providing a view of the highway like this:


The pathway winds back and forth, surrounded on both sides by tall trees.

With a gentle wind, the rustling leaves and the sounds of the birds overcome the droning of the traffic of the highway, making this an enjoyable hike.

The bridge spans the Black River, providing a view of the trees and water below.


As the summer fades, and autumn creeps up, this is the perfect place to see the leaves as they change colors.

And with a view like the one below, Bur Oak and the Bridgeway Trail will be a scene of spectacular scenery when all of the trees start to suit up in their fall best.

Check it out soon!


2 thoughts on “LCMP: Bur Oak

  1. Great pics, Mark. Is there any way to embed them as a slideshow? I’m about to put up coverage on the CT site. I would love to include yours as well if it is possible to embed a slideshow or something that still links back to your site and gives you credit … Looks like you had much better weather than I did for your walk!!

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