My “Tenants”

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I have squirrels in one of my pines that patronize my bird feeder for the peanuts I put out. My Mrs. has dubbed one of them “Chuck”. Well, I went to get my camera the other day, and I found Chuck’s Mrs.  I’ll call her Charlene. She came to the patio window because I’d run out of food for the buffet. So, I flipped her a peanut, and she took it and ran, which gave me a chance to stock the feeder with nuts, and the last two slices from a loaf of whole wheat bread.

While I walked around outside, Charlene came back and surprised me by nosing over the nuts, and digging into the bread.

After she was done, then Chuck came around.

That was a few weeks ago. Tonight, as my daughter was doing her homework, she noticed someone at the door, looking for another handout. “Dad, Chuck’s back.” So, I sat down at the patio window, slid it open as he sat there patiently, and waited for his peanut.

Normally, he’ll sit there by the window and eat peanut after peanut, until he’s had his fill and takes one for the road. Because I snuck the camera out, he got shy on me. Go figure.




3 thoughts on “My “Tenants”

  1. Our squirrel was named “Charlie” and came to the front porch constantly checking for handouts. He was especially fond of Cheerios and peanut butter balls. He was a character and fondly loved by all of us. He even got to the point he would come check out the porch when someone was sitting there, just to be sure that they weren’t getting something he wasn’t.

    Too much fun!

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