The “2nd Street Project” Is No More….

Officially christened “Settlers’ Watch”, the “2nd Street Project” had its ribbon cutting Saturday morning, attended by over 200 citizens and local officials and dignitaries. Master of Ceremonies Gary Fischer officiated the event, which was opened with the presentation of colors by the Lorain Admiral King NJROTC Color Guard, led by Commander Dan Tuttle, and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chaplain Boals administered the blessing, and Gary Fischer introduced the honored guests, which included Lorain Mayor Tony Krasienko, Service Director Robert Gilchrist, County Commissioners Betty Blair and Ted Kalo, Congresswoman Betty Sutton’s rep Kay Giardini, Eric Barnes’ Family, Bud Emerson, and many others.


6 thoughts on “The “2nd Street Project” Is No More….

  1. Thank you as always you bring a discerning eye and talent to all of Lorain County events. I have no words to tell you and the “crew” how much your support ( even on my bad days ) has meant ….thanks for patience and understanding and nonjudgemental friendship Loraine

  2. I went by this morning to make sure the little solar fountain has enough water someone had made a wish :)made our first nickel ….. I hope that it turns out to be a magic fountain…. also this evening there was a lady taking photos whilst another was eating an ice cream cone as she waited on the bench – the breeze from the lake was lovely … Loraine

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