FISI – Westgate Plaza – Shame, Shame

How many of us drive through the intersection of W. 21st and Leavitt Rd countless times during the week, and we just accept the site (sight) that occupies the northwest corner of the area? You could’ve counted me among that group, until about a month ago.


While you can’t tell much from the panorama above, when you get right up close and personal, you’ll see just how far gone the former strip mall really is.

This is pretty indicative of the entire plaza. Boarded up and filthy windows, rust, trash.

This is the first storefront I walked up to, but first, I had to cross this welcome mat.

Built in 1957, Westgate Plaza used to host a grocery store, coin laundry, and other assorted retail establishments. Over the years, one by one, the stores closed, and the building slowly deteriorated. 

Searching for “Westgate Plaza”, I found the site listed “For Rent” here, with the minimum divisible storefront being 634 square feet. The rental rate is $8 per square foot per year. Last verified on July 16th, the listing states the following:


Join us as we create a new Westgate Plaza on Lorain, Ohio’s west side.

Located at the intersection of SR 611 and SR 58, this crossroads connects Lorain with Amherst, Port Clinton and other lakefront communities

G West LLC and/or Georg Abakumov, the owner and mail contact, respectively, should probably concentrate on rehabbing or “creating” the new Westgate Plaza before they try to rent it out. Let me show you why:

This is a good representation of the stores in the plaza. Not a single one is ‘move-in ready’, which is what a storefront should be if you’re trying to rent it out. Purchased in August of 1999 for $225,000, the ‘anchor’ tenant advertised is Family Dollar. The only other tenant is….you have to see it to believe it and truly appreciate it:

The reason I don’t see anything happening here is because it’ll be 10 years in just a few weeks that G West has owned this property, and Family Dollar is the biggest move they’ve made to populate the plaza, AND because they are over $20,000 behind on the property taxes.

Does anyone really think they’ve got money to get this place fixed up “to create a new Westgate Plaza”? Yea, me either.  Maybe the City could send someone down there to check it out.


19 thoughts on “FISI – Westgate Plaza – Shame, Shame

  1. Weren’t those light poles the fault of Desvari I seem to remember something about that …. As always Mark your photographs bring about great emotion I am sending this link on – I too am guilty of driving past getting too used to the site for it to register.thanks for the wake up call….. Loraine

  2. I drove pass westgate two days ago, Drive through the second ward, plus observe the gelpac building on broadway. it all looks like a bombed out war zone.

    Thank goodness they finaly demolished the oak wood plaza buildings.Thanks to Marks pictures that was forwarded to the south lorain community develop dept. I complained enough along with Eddie Edwards.

    They need to demolish west gate as well.

  3. When I was a kid my parents grocery shopped there…Fisher-Fazio’s on the west end…Pick-N-Pay on the east. WT GRANT Co. was in the middle, but best of all was Hough Bakery!

  4. Has this property been “blighted”?

    $20,000 in back taxes, that could buy us part of a cop to protect us.

  5. Tuesday Police Report:

    12:37 p.m. – 2500 block W. 21st St., the owner of Criminal Customz reported someone had broken into an abandoned business a few doors down from him, pulled off a board covering a hole in the wall from a previous break in, climbed over an interior wall and broke into his business through the ceiling, ransacked the office, stole wheels, tires and a TV and threw things around the showroom.

  6. Criminal customz here, what nerve you got belittling my business. I spend sometimes 12 hour days making a living to support my family in the dump I’m at and jokers like you come and pass judgement against me so your narrow minded peers can commend your single sided opinions.yeah, the plaza is a dump. Everyone gets it, but leave my business out of it, it has nothing to do with the point your trying to make. I’m forwarding this http to my attorney to check the legalities of your comments and if it possibly affects my business potentials.

  7. Paul,

    There’s nothing here that could be considered “belittling” toward your business. A comment was made concerning a break-in, and I featured the sign, which uses a GUN as the letter “L” in the logo, for the word “CRIMINAL”?! How appropriate and necessary is that in the neighborhood you’re in?

    Sorry you don’t like it, but then, neither do the rest of us.

  8. Paul as the owner of an establishment in a less than desirable surroundings with a sign that equates “criminal with guns” ( see the letter L in you sign) just what sort of clientele are you hoping to attract??? Who are you marketing your product to ” Custominizing for the Criminal???.You wanted attention with that sort of Marketing you got it don’t cry “poor me ” because you got negative response to negative marketing ….I would suggest you contact whomever came up with the “marketing idea” ….. as someone who only drives by( no pun inteneded) I am not sure what you are selling guns, hubcaps a criminal lifestyle??? you cannot blame the general public for your “marketing ideas” and the perception caused ….instead of contacting your attorney with regard to this site why don’t you see if he can do something about the “sight of the plaza where you choose to do business”

  9. Paul…

    As I sit here and laugh my head off, what do you expect from “your” clientele???

    You nearly need an off-road vehicle to get into the parking lot and the neighborhood…what else can I say?

    You remind me of Shaq…at Shaq’s Corner…he has the nerve to post a “wanted for robbery” sign on his door for the guy who robbed him when he sells bongs and other paraphernalia in his store.

    You reap what you sow.

  10. I moved folks, you can now see my lovely sign with the word criminal and the gun for the l, right downtown lorain, like the jeffersons, movin on up…. you want guns, go see my cousin george at georges hook and gun, you want pipes, see shaq, you want drugs, well, there everywhere, want a date, cruise by kennedy plaza… you want parts and accessories for your bike, car or truck, which may make it illegal to have on the streets and cause diane to call the cops, come see me…. 440-245-862-

  11. Btw, I’m renovating the westgate plaza spot, I’m gonna try and make it a teen spot.. arcades, dance floor, pizza, etc…. ill help you folks feel safer by keeping the little heathens off your streets…

  12. Thanks Paul! I’ll have to come by and get some shots of your new digs, and do an article on you. I’ll probably have to include all those emails you sent me, too. Hope you don’t mind.

    Oh, and by the way, I edited (ever so slightly) Paul’s comment by taking out the last digit of his phone number. For the pain in my backside that he’s been, there’s no way I’m letting him advertise here.

  13. Sale Date Sale Price Conveyance/Exempt Number of Parcels
    4/30/2010 $105,000 2010001504 1

    Parcel Grantor Grantee
    0202023113005 G WEST LLC BAZYAN NANCY

    Transfer History – 199900004640

    Sale Date Sale Price Conveyance/Exempt Number of Parcels
    8/20/1999 $225,000 199900004640 1

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