Cedar Point

I’ve wanted to walk through Cedar Point with a camera for quite a while. But it’s difficult to tell the family, I’d rather take pictures than ride rides. On July 4th, we met friends up there, and I was able to sneak off with the camera for over an hour. While dragging a tripod would have given me more photos for here, it would also have been in the way of other people, and I wasn’t going to take that chance.

Top Thrill Dragster

122 mph and then straight up to 420 feet in the air

The Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad

Take a ride through Boneville

The Wave Swinger

Take a ride through the air in swing-like seats

Watch the kids play in this fun fountain

Walk through Frontier Town at night to see the Starlight Experience

The Maverick

Two-and-a-half minutes of speed and wild turns

The Maverick silhouetted against the sunset

Snake River Falls

An 82-foot tall water flume ride

And what Independence Day is not complete without fireworks?


2 thoughts on “Cedar Point

  1. Figure 30 years or so of walking through that park and you manage to show an entirely new perspective. You have a amazing eye for the way things will look to your viewing public.

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