LYB: Campana Development and Photo Update

Every other year, due to LYB’s sibling rule, my kids get to be on the same team. It’s great when you think about the multiple practices every week in the preseason, and then three games per week. So, those other years, my wife and I get the mail delivered to Campana Park because we live there, too.

This year Michael and Kristen play for Campana Development. Since I’ve got the camera handy for the players I’ve been “shooting” for LYB, I got this team also. So, I present to you, LYB’s 2009 F-League Campana Development team, coached by coaches Richard “Boz” Boesger and J.J. Koziura.

Joshua Piotrowski

David Soto, Jr.

Mike Teleha

Jared Miller

Kristen Teleha


Mike Piedmonte

James “Scott” Short, Jr.

Adam Breeds

Lou Santiago

Mike Koziura

Joe Geisel


PHOTO UPDATE: Lorain Youth Baseball has the links available to the website to view and purchase the photos I’ve taken. Go to LYB and click on L.Y.B. Photos on the left.  


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