2nd Street Site Progress

Word went out requesting donations from City Council for one plant that would be laid into the flower bed at the base of the Eagle honoring Eric Barnes.

Jordan Paulson and Taylor McKay have donated many hours of work at the 2nd Street site. They were there to lend a hand with the planting and watering of the landscaping already installed.

First to arrive was Michael Challender, Director of the Lorain Growth Corporation, with the long grasses he’s planting by the Captain.

Shortly after, Mayor Tony Krasienko arrived with a pair of hosta plants that were put in at the base of the Eagle.

2nd Ward Councilman Dennis Flores gave the Mayor a hand with the second plant.

Public Service and Safety Director Ken Shawver and his wife Peggy donated a third hosta.


Also donating plants were Councils-at-Large Anne Molnar and Dan Given, and (Loraine Ritchey will supply in comments, as I can’t remember.)

More to come as the 2nd Street site progress continues.


4 thoughts on “2nd Street Site Progress

  1. Not sure what happened my comment was lost—-it maybe show up again with part of my memory — Mark will know what I mean 🙂
    Anyway The foxgloves were donated by Mr. Camera and the Street Dept and the pink flowers ( can’t remember what they were called) were donated by Mr. Kurdin and the Parks Dept. Daisies Mrs. Molnar and Butterfly bush Mr. Given – and there are more coming in the next few days.Thank you to everyone who is helping …..Taylor and Jordon and London ( not pictured) have been heaven sent ( literally I think) 🙂

  2. I told you Loraine would know.

    Thanks, Loraine. I was half-listening (scanning) to 2 or 3 conversations. I remember the Chuck and the Streets Dept, but wanted to get the specific donations.

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