Oberlin Chalk Walk ’09

The Oberlin Chalk Walk is a festive colorful event that celebrates the tradition of sidewalk painting that began in 16th century Italy. Master professional artists and several local artists create works of art on pavement all over town. Sidewalks from the Allen Art Museum to the Public Library and from the college bookstore to the Oberlin Inn will be available for children and adults to use as “canvases” to make their own sidewalk creations. All skill levels were welcome. High quality pastels were provided to all participants.

This totally free event was made possible by a collaborate effort of its main sponsors:

Allen Memorial Art Museum
Firelands Association for the Visual Arts (FAVA)
Mainstreet Oberlin
Nordson Corporation Foundation
Oberlin Public Library







3 thoughts on “Oberlin Chalk Walk ’09

  1. Thanks Dustin! I’m sorry I didn’t get names, as a number of the ‘pieces of art’ did not have the artists close by.
    I got 3 comments on the photos of you and your skull at its Flickr page, here’s the link so you can see:

    One more thing, Dustin: Your ‘skull’ is fantastic! I was awestruck by the detail, as was my daughter. Well done!

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